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Dear Visitor:

Welcome to my website, Geoffrey's Journeys and its companion, Geoffrey's Journals.

By the time I was 15, I had read so many travel books and seen so many National Geographic documentaries (the monthly magazine was delivered to my family home for just under thirty years!) that I vowed I would travel the world and live overseas for long periods, preferably in what are now called "developing" countries. As a musician, writer and anthropologistI have travelled, lived and worked in the following countries: Canada, the United States, Britain, France, Holland, Spain, Morocco, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, the Central African Republic, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nepal, India, the Caribbean, Guatemala, Guyana and Argentina.

My favorite place in the world is East Africa, preferably the Rift Valley of Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania, the last two countries sharing the Serengetti plains with their prehistoric herds of wild animals and cattle herding tribes like the Masai who still worship their own God and who dress traditionally in colorful Roman looking robes. I have led many Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania after having lived and worked for ten years in Kenya and seven in Tanzania. I call these two countries my "second home." I know them well. 

But there are other journeys, journeys of the mind. And that is why, some twenty years ago I took up travel writing to complement the hundreds, sometimes thousands of photos I have taken among the places and peoples I have spent time among, and which I am slowly posting on my website. I have listed my writings in my companion website Geoffrey's Journals for your interest. All the articles are there and you need not go to the original published site, which may well tell you the piece is no longer available to non-paying customers. Feel free and read free, say I.

There are many millions of web sites in the world, and I like many. I have yet to find one like mine, but if you do, please tell me as no doubt I will enjoy exploring it.

As I take out Safaris to East Africa at least once and sometimes twice a year, do not miss the Safaris and Tours tab that describes my latest and previous adventures.

Thanks so much and I wish you all a...

Safari Njema (travel well in the Swahili language).



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